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Groom Busts Out ‘Justin Bieber’ Wedding Dance (VIDEO)

My, my, my…

I wonder what the bride was thinking when she saw brand new husband do THIS at the wedding reception.

See Hubby Do Work On Video

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No Dragons, It’s The Girl With The DRAKE Tattoo – Drake Responds To Tat Artist (PHOTO)


I admit as a DJ, I have been party to sone crazy tattoo stunts…but this?

Drake has addressed the photo of a female fan with a tattoo of his name on her forehead.

You Must See The Drake Tattoo Twitter Pic

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Guru Kailash Singh Quit Bathing 37 Years Ago

Yep, you heard right…this man has not bathed or touched water on his skin for over 3 decades…because God told him to.

Needless to say, his wife is frustrated.

Why? You Gotta Read This Here

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Women Pole Dancing…For Jesus?

You know, I would normally say that it’s all about outreach, that maybe wives want to spice things up in the bedroom, maybe this might be part of a bigger Women’s ministry at their church.

There’s a Commandment joke there somewhere, but I’ll let you tell it…click the link to ROLL THE VIDEO!

See The Video HERE

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Marathon Man Finishes 365th Straight Marathon Race


That’s right, this dude ran a marathon a day for an entire year. All in the name of asthma. How did he do it?

How Did He Do It?

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The Sloppy Ben RoethlisBURGER – Epic Meal Time Video!


20 pounds of ground beef, 20 pounds ground bacon, 11 pounds of sausage…over 1o0,000 calories! Prepare for The Sloppy Big Ben RoethlisBURGER!

Food Network is NOT endorsing this!

You Can’t Handle The Truth! Watch This Video!

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NorCal Hotel Makes Top 10 Dirtiest Hotel List


I always advise people when they go to a great event, like Naughty Gras, book your hotel room early. That got me thinking, what are the nastiest, dirtiest hotels out there? Then I got this email of the Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels in the US.

Unfortunately, NorCal made the list.

Check Out The Nasty Results

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