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Big Al Sams Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Had a Great time doing the Ice Bucket Challenge to strike out ALS. Big Up to the nurses of UC Davis Medical Center and the staff of the ALS Sacramento chapter for the help out.


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August 22, 2014 · 8:50 PM

Big Al’s Pick – KLYNTEL “Love Is Here To Stay”


Considering everything that’s happened in keeping the Kings in Sacramento recently, the idea of NOT loving anything coming from Seattle, WA right about now seems understandable. But keep in mind; that’s just basketball, this is music…and good music worth checking out too.

Meet the band KLY-N-TEL hailing from the Emerald City and their single Love Is Here To Stay. Good song from my take. Even better, they are touring in 2013, and they are looking to make Sacramento a tour-stop (now that’s extending the olive branch).

Learn more about the band, music, and tour information on WWW.KLYNTEL.COM

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Groom Busts Out ‘Justin Bieber’ Wedding Dance (VIDEO)

My, my, my…

I wonder what the bride was thinking when she saw brand new husband do THIS at the wedding reception.

See Hubby Do Work On Video

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[VIDEO] Rihanna Takes A Fall On Tour

Rihanna takes a bit of a fall while on tour.

More like, “Woman Down, Woman Down!”

See The Rihanna Fall-Down Video Here

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George Carlin – AutoTuned!

In the comedy world, the Triple OG in the game was George Carlin. Don’t know him…then Google him. His style was a unique mix of strictly current events and social commentary. Check out this YouTube video of some of his rapid-fire comedy from his old HBO comedy days, remixed 2011 style.

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The Sloppy Ben RoethlisBURGER – Epic Meal Time Video!


20 pounds of ground beef, 20 pounds ground bacon, 11 pounds of sausage…over 1o0,000 calories! Prepare for The Sloppy Big Ben RoethlisBURGER!

Food Network is NOT endorsing this!

You Can’t Handle The Truth! Watch This Video!

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Kanye West “Power” – The Egyptian Uprising Video Edition

Who said Hip-Hop is dead?

Once again Hip-Hop and social activism collide to make this YouTube video of the political unrest in Egypt, mashed-up to the music of Kanye West’s song “Power”.

Peep The Video HERE

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