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Morning Run Beauty in Berkeley 😄

Morning Run just outside of the Berkeley Marina. Waiting for the sunrise. Sitting on a park bench, resting at Cesar E. Chavez Park.

I can feel the warmth of the sunrise…

Trying to enjoy the simple things in life.




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Big Al’s Fun Times at South Lake Tahoe

Full Disclosure: I have been to Tahoe many times for many years, mostly in the snow for skiing and snowboarding.

Full Disclosure #2: I have NEVER been to South Lake Tahoe.

There, i said it…I’m a bit ashamed to admit that. But not anymore. I went out there during Labor Day weekend. Let me tell you, I had so much fun…I didn’t even want to go back home. You would think all that’s out there in SLT is just gambling and catching a Sammy Davis Jr-type, fake Rat-Pack stage show (well…if you’re into that type of thing). I had the chance to hit Lake Tahoe, straight from my hotel room at Harvey’s. The water was so warm, and what amazed me was that the water was quite shallow. In fact, I didn’t hit the deep part, where the boats were, until at least 75 feet out from the beach. Lots of activity there, from wake boards and kayaks, to jet boats and para gliders. I heard you can even get on a Lake Tahoe Boat Cruise.

Yeah, there were lots of people there…cause it was Labor Day Weekend. But there was more than enough beach and park area (and little nooks and crannies in certain residential areas, if you know where to look). Perfect place for a cookout, a picnic, or just chill out.

I was wondering, I was at Tahoe California side for Winter and skiing, how could I have missed this? Between the Lake, the camping, the shops, the nightlife (at the hotel nightclubs and casino areas) bouncing out the SLT before the snow hits is the perfect weekend getaway. Did Ientiom that the scenic route on Hwy 50 to South Lake was breathtaking?

So, yeah…you need that South Lake Tahoe in your life at east once. It cleared my mind, recharged my batteries, and was back on the mic, ready for blastoff!

You have a South Lake Tahoe story you wanna share with me? Share with the class.IMG_1338.JPGIMG_1320.JPG


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Big Al Sams Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Had a Great time doing the Ice Bucket Challenge to strike out ALS. Big Up to the nurses of UC Davis Medical Center and the staff of the ALS Sacramento chapter for the help out.


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August 22, 2014 · 8:50 PM

Flying Drone Camera Fun in LA with @BigAlSams

Yes, you can have different kinds of fun in LA at 2am! This is Isaiah, a real estate guy who has secret passion for engineering. He created this flying drone from scratch and tested it out at the “Urban Lights” outside exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Wilshire Boulevard. Needless to say, I was impressed…what kinds of interesting, different geeky 2 in the morning stuff happens like  this?

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Momma Got Married!


Last weekend I went to Southern California for one of the greatest moments of my life, and I know it was for my mom: she got married!

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Big Al’s Pick – Travis Garland “Where To Land” [VIDEO]


Remember this Texan’s name…TRAVIS GARLAND. The voice, the sound, the vibe…the video. Thanks to DJ Mark West for sliding this to me! Enjoy!

FASHIONABLY LATE vol. II – Available now for free download on

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Sacramento’s David Garibaldi Performs At Park Ultra Lounge [VIDEO]


Sacramento’s own David Garibaldi is now doing his residency in Las Vegas, but first David does one last show in Sac for his TRUE fans at Park Ultra Lounge 2/9/13.



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