Momma Got Married!


Last weekend I went to Southern California for one of the greatest moments of my life, and I know it was for my mom: she got married!

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Big Al’s Pick – KLYNTEL “Love Is Here To Stay”


Considering everything that’s happened in keeping the Kings in Sacramento recently, the idea of NOT loving anything coming from Seattle, WA right about now seems understandable. But keep in mind; that’s just basketball, this is music…and good music worth checking out too.

Meet the band KLY-N-TEL hailing from the Emerald City and their single Love Is Here To Stay. Good song from my take. Even better, they are touring in 2013, and they are looking to make Sacramento a tour-stop (now that’s extending the olive branch).

Learn more about the band, music, and tour information on WWW.KLYNTEL.COM

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Big Al’s Pick – WILL WHITLOCK “Enjoy”

Listen…2 Thumbs up!

“Enjoy” ft PETA PARKA also Starring Model Tifany Grimes – Video Production by Short Stack Entertainment – Single is Available on ITunes

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Butterscotch Beatboxing With DJ Jazzy Jeff In L.A. [VIDEO]

DJ Jazzy Jeff Butterscotch

My homegirl, beatbox extrordinaire Butterscotch from America’s Got Talent took me to see DJ Jazzy Jeff‘ at his birthday bash in LA, then she jumped on-stage and crushed it!

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Big Al’s Pick – Travis Garland “Where To Land” [VIDEO]


Remember this Texan’s name…TRAVIS GARLAND. The voice, the sound, the vibe…the video. Thanks to DJ Mark West for sliding this to me! Enjoy!

FASHIONABLY LATE vol. II – Available now for free download on

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Sacramento’s David Garibaldi Performs At Park Ultra Lounge [VIDEO]


Sacramento’s own David Garibaldi is now doing his residency in Las Vegas, but first David does one last show in Sac for his TRUE fans at Park Ultra Lounge 2/9/13.



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Big Al’s Sacramento Adventure At Casablanca Restaurant [VIDEO]

My first time EVER at Casablanca Restaurant in Sacramento, near the corner of Watt and Fair Oaks. If you blink, you would miss it; it’s tucked neatly between a liquor store and a Goodwill Express drop-off center.

I DO recommend you go there. Great Moroccan theme, delicious food…and, oh yes…the BELLY DANCERS!

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