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Halle Berry: Her One-Of-A-Kind Enagement Ring

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Sorry fellas (and a few select ladies), Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is off the market. She’s engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez.

Have you seen her engagement ring?

Take A Look At The Ring Here


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Heath Ledger Resurrected For Next ‘Batman’ Movie?

Nearly three years after his death, Heath Ledger might just log some more screen time yet.

Christopher Nolan, who’s currently gearing up to direct the upcoming Batman flick The Dark Knight Rises, is reportedly considering using previously unseen footage of Ledger as The Joker from his portrayal in 2008’s The Dark Knight in the new project.

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Halle Berry ‘Frankie & Alice’ Official Trailer [VIDEO]

Here’s the trailer for Halle Berry’s latest film, “Frankie & Alice.”

The movie is about a young woman who struggles with a personality disorder. Throughout the film, Berry’s character, Frankie,  has trouble containing her racist alter-ego, Alice, who comes out during drama filled moments.

Among those in the cast are Phylicia Rashad and Chandra Wilson.

The release date of the film was pushed up so that it’d be considered in time for the Oscar race.

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Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg Squash 25 Year Beef

A couple of decades can go by, and it’s never too late to salvage a relationship and reunite with people you made history with.

No one can know that better than Oprah Winfrey.

In her new book, ‘Oprah: A Biography,’ scandal-mongering biographer Kitty Kelley offered many unconfirmed stories about Winfrey’s alleged dust-ups with cast members and the movie’s director Steven Spielberg.

The tantalizing tidbits provided context to what many believe has been a long-running feud with her co-star, the movie’s lead actress Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg, who was nominated for an Academy Award for ‘Purple‘ – along with co-stars Winfrey and Margaret Avery, has never sat down on Winfrey’s couch since then, and was noticeably absent at her big 2006 Legends Ball weekend festivities, where Winfrey & Co. celebrated great black women who contributed to the history of arts and culture. Even though Goldberg — at the time — was only one of two living female black actresses who won Academy Awards (Halle Berry was the other), she didn’t get an invite.

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Mo’Nique Defends Lindsay Lohan

The tabloids might be having a field day with Lindsay Lohan’s seemingly never ending cycle of arrests, jail and rehab but at least some one is in her corner. Actress and TV host Mo’Nique told Access Hollywood that everyone needs to back off of the troubled young starlet who failed a recent drug test.

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