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The Sloppy Ben RoethlisBURGER – Epic Meal Time Video!


20 pounds of ground beef, 20 pounds ground bacon, 11 pounds of sausage…over 1o0,000 calories! Prepare for The Sloppy Big Ben RoethlisBURGER!

Food Network is NOT endorsing this!

You Can’t Handle The Truth! Watch This Video!

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Chicago Salesman Fired For Wearing Green Bay Packers Tie

As someone born and raised in Chicago, I know the code: don’t wear ANYTHING Green Bay Packers in Illinois. This dude should have known better.

Check Out This Man’s Story On Video

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Wiz Khalifa: ‘Black And Yellow’ Is ‘Just a Set-Up’

Although Wiz Khalifa has yet to reveal the album’s title or release date (rumored to be released March 2011), he wants fans to know that “Black & Yellow” was just an appetizer for the massive singles coming off the full-length album.

That…and he should be thanked for another annoying “Jersey Shore” moment!

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Michael Vick Leads NFL In Pro Bowl Voting

Michael Vick leads Pro Bowl voting 1½ years after he was released from prison.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback had 729,838 fan votes, nearly 39,000 more than second-place Peyton Manning, the NFL said Wednesday.

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