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This Dude Absolutley CRUSHES It On The Michael Jackson Remix!

Meet HAYWYRE, this dude is a genius on the production tip. Witness the skills on his interpretation of Michael Jackson’s smash hit “Smooth Criminal.”


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Michael Jackson Lives In Brazilian Cab Driver

Michael Jackson may have passed away, but his music,  spirit and even his VOICE lives on!

Watch this incredible video of a taxi driver in Brazil channel his inner MJ and entertain his passengers.

You will NOT believe this

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Usher: Is He Innovator Or Follower?


Usher has climbed the mountain of success many times over with his R&B stylings. Now he plans to go in a new Pop direction with a new album. Is he staying true to himself and simply growing as an artist, or is he abandoning his style to be just another Pop copy-cat trying to stay relevant?

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Michael Jackson Autopsy Suggested Homicide

The coroner who performed the autopsy on Michael Jackson testified Tuesday that the pop star’s death would have been classified a homicide even if the singer gave himself the final dose of the anesthetic propofol.

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TIME Magazine Names Kanye West’s ‘My Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Album Of The Year


See, you can hate Kanye West now…I told you his ablum My Dark Twisted Fantasy was gonna be a hot album. Now TIME Magazine thinks so too…

Kanye West can seem like an attention-hungry young child who constantly tugs on his mother’s pant leg, saying, “Watch this! Watch this!” But once Kanye got our attention, instead of a simple somersault, he delivered the musical equivalent of a one-handed back handspring. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy layers complex computerized instrumentation over Yeezy’s effortless flow, moving from the heavy hip-hop of “Power” and “Monster” all the way to the poppy Michael Jackson tribute “All of the Lights.” Beyoncé, Jay-Z and others guest on several tracks. They don’t drop by just to deliver a verse or chorus; they are as integral to the tracks as Kanye himself. This is most evident on “Lost in the World,” a collaboration with Justin Vernon of the indie group Bon Iver that fuses hip-hop with rock until they morph into something else entirely. And that something is probably going to be played at every bar and dance party for the next six months.

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NEW Michal Jackson Video “Hold My Hand” – Watch Now!

Here is “Hold My Hand” the new video by Michael Jackson featuring Akon.

Still not sure what I think of this song and I am curious of what MJ fans think of the video that was done for the song. 

So…..what do you think of the video for “Hold My Hand” by Michael Jackson and Akon?

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50 Cent Goes Viral With YouTube Star Keenan Cahill – Jeremih ‘Down On Me’

50 Cent knows a little something about making music go viral. In this clip, 15-year-old and quasi-Afroed Keenan Cahill is seen performing Jeremih‘s “Down On Me.” At the 1:21 minute mark, 50 Cent enters the room and proceeds to perform his guest verse on the song. Fiddy remains for the rest of the track, performing ad libs and nodding his head along in sync with Cahill’s.

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