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Private Pic Of Janet Jackson Leaving Tour Rehearsal

Janet Jackson is prepping for her world tour. Word is leaking out that she is going hard in rehearsals for this one…like Michael Jackson “This Is It” movie practice hard.

Check Out A Candid Photo Of Janet After Practice

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Male Beyonce Impersonator Gives Charice A Fierce Competition

Glee” actress and 18-year-old Filipina pop star Charice has one extra-special talent: impersonating Beyoncé. “Halo” is one of her signature covers, but she got a ton of attention for performing B’s “Dreamgirls” epic “Listen” on her debut episode of “Glee” earlier this season.

While Charice’s “Listen” is technically near-perfect, someone else from the Philippines is grabbing the spotlight today with another version of the tune. A young man auditioning for the country’s version of “Idol” did such a shockingly accurate replication of the song, he had spectators baffled. He even added a bit of theatricality we’re sure Beyoncé herself would enjoy, dropping to the floor and singing on his back from the 1:35 mark to the song’s dramatic conclusion. Technically, he hit a few clunkers, but he still fared better than most of the singers who took the stage at the American Music Awards.

Check out Charice’s version of “Listen” and Sasha Fierce‘s original:

source: Yahoo Music

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Flight Attendants Dance To Katy Perry & Lady Gaga

In a stunt that’s sweeping the internet, a line of dancing flight attendants hit the aisles on a recent voyage on Cebu Airlines, based in the Phillippines, grooving to a Lady GagaKaty Perry medley while giving passengers a hilarious demonstration of oxygen masks and exit routes.

Nothing like hearing about “the unlikely event” of a life-threatening emergency set to the tune of ‘California Gurls’!

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