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Who Wants To See Kanye West Naked?

Pictures of Kanye West posing naked are up for sale.

According to reports, Yeezy allegedly took the nude pics himself years ago and now he plans to sell them to as many media outlets as possible. RadarOnline.com claims to have seen the pics. Kanye recently stated in an interview that he would pose naked on purpose so he could “break every rule of Hip-Hop.”

But seriously, would you REALLY want to see Kanye West naked?

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Man Arrested With Cocaine in His Butt, Says He Was Only Trying to Feed His Family

Did you hear about the Florida man who was arrested for hiding marijuana and crack cocaine in his butt last week? The same man who, upon arrest, claimed that the weed was his, but the crack wasn’t ?

Well, today that guy is admitting that the weed and crack were his, but he wants your sympathy because he says he was only selling the drugs because he was thinking about his kids and “putting food in their mouths.”

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Mel Gibson Is Losing His Mind – Rant No. 6 Surfaces – Listen HERE!

In case you needed more evidence that Mel Gibson is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, RadarOnline has released a sixth tape purportedly showcasing more cursing and anger from the Oscar winner over custody of his eight-month-old daughter with Russian crooner Oksana Grigorieva.

Listen to the tape after the jump…REMEMBER: NOT SAFE FOR WORK! TURN THE VOLUME DOWN!

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